With Duffy Forsyth you will have inspected a property either by an escorted  private viewing or a Saturday Open for Inspection.  If you have attended a Saturday Open for Inspection it is important that you have your fully completed application form and signed privacy statement in the office by 10am on Monday.  Applications may be placed in the lock box to the right hand side of the front door, sent by Fax 9592 8686 or email to info@duffyforsyth.com.au or completed on line via the Directions chat  that you were given at the Open for Inspection.  We  do not accept I Form. Internet applications may be completed as per the chat you were given at the Open For Inspection or down loaded from our Web page.

If you are interstate or overseas we do accept applications without you actually viewing the property.  You will be requested to sign a clause that you accept the property in the condition as per the promotional photos.  Of course if you have a friend who can view it even better.

On Monday the Property Manager will process all received applications – please ensure that you have requested your referees to return our calls promptly.

Once all the Applications are processed they are then submitted to the Landlord who will make the decision on who is to become the tenant.  We will notify this party and send them an email which they must respond to immediately to secure the property.  We will then notify other applicants and attempt to find them an alternative home.

The successful applicant/s will receive via email a Tenancy Pack which will contain the Lease, a Bond Lodgement form and a Foxie Utility connection form.  You need to follow the attached instructions very carefully and return these signed documents to us along with a bank cheque for the bond. You are then the tenant.

Rent is payable by a bank cheque or a bank transfer on the day that you have agreed to start your lease.  If you are going to use a bank transfer make sure  you allow three full business days – unfortunately no funds no keys.  Your induction takes about twenty minutes and providing all the documents are pre signed only one party needs to attend.  You are now ready to move in.

We hope you love your new home and your association with Duffy Forsyth & Co.